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Since first time I landed America 1970, 50 years has passed like light. I am very pleased to announce my plan to build the “WAR AND PEACE MUSEUM OF ART” that will take years to shape it- despite that I have been planning for the last few years.


I should say it is just born prematurely but it will grow with people who work hard to become independent artists, free from any institution which is sponsored by giant dark business and corporations. They feed millions of dollars to so called “contemporary artists” who sell art works which are not good in quality just like a fashion to the people who agitate the capitalistic manner.


Artists deny tying any relation with the system that dominate and controls the contemporary art market- supported by capitalistic institutional groups. We refuse to ingratiate dirty money and power that they use to buy art work just as investments and commerce without any knowledge of quality work. Artists with serious integrity of fine arts, deny selling their art work to betrayers who conspire with art brokers acting almost as company stock brokers within art institutions.


Artworks should appeal to serious collectors with a spirit of pure existence.

Artwork will approach a collector’s soul and mind that makes possible a real relationship between artist and collector.

Art is not decoration.

Art is invisible monument which strikes your inner world when you are impressed by the art- that will become part of you and live with you forever.

The Museum is like the human body that will grow with an Artist’s tenacious will and mind through contacting social matters by digesting time by time, every day of performance, movements inside human matters in society. We look for the nature of art to come from an artist’s free spirit, mind, to work for a better, peaceful society.


The Museum should reflect the importance of our social movement, changes and activity in daily life by their art work. Artists respond and document and visualize the time of where we live through the life.


There is assaulter and victim, rich, and poor, oppression, harassment, threatening, interrogation, bribery, abuse, prejudice, discrimination, difficulty, fear, distress, agony, cry, suffer, hunger, pain, breathlessness, sorrow, desperation, endurance, tolerance for pain ,crime, killing, mass murder, all these phenomena caused by human greed worse than of animals.

This caused by American greed mostly capitalist who are sucking vast wealth extremely, not only in America but also all over the world’s wealth.

We should look and fight for peace by visual communication not by the threatening weapon such as nuclear weapons which killed hundreds of thousands of people in one second.


We can make peaceful and strong united society with human spirit of love by visual communication and artwork.




This museum is to be a non-profit organization that was made possible by Masuda’s life long dedication for fine art and devotion of his total financial resources to this organization. His energetic passion poured into realization of a fine art organization by his physical work which Masuda calls "practical performance" by carrying tons steel material every day 40 years while creating art work.


This museum will be open to the public (with appointment) within the next 5 years- it is currently being worked on right now.

Also this museum will open Yaizu-Fujieda City - a fisherman's town and the home port of the Daigo Fukuryū Maru (Wikipedia link) in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan.



Comment by Cusi Masuda


Today August 6, is the 75th Hiroshima A-bomb anniversary. I am pleased that I can announce and mourn this particular memorial day of Hiroshima A-bomb.



Artist list of collection



More artists to be added soon.




     Cusi Masuda    Enver Mupapcic     Daiyu Sasaki

     Akiko Ueyama      Tensi Masuda     Teppei Masuda     Banyan Salomson    Vincent Salomson

Noa Bornstein

Haruto Fukuda

Toyoshiro Fukuda

Mitsuhiro Morimoto

Waka Masuda

Cusi Masuda

Kimpei Masuzawa

Kazuo Nakajima

Hideo Noda

Pat Ralph

Shinji Sakai

Alex Shinohara

Ushio Shinohara

Frank Taira

Kei Takei

Hajime Togashi

Unknown Artist

Seijirou Takanashi

Akiko Ueyama

(1951 - present)

(1938 -2018 )

(1904 - 1970)

(1942- present)

(1924 - 2002)

(1944 - present)

(1939 - present)

(1934 - present)

(1908 - 1939)

(unknown - 2022)


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(unknown - present)

(1930 - 1982)

(presumed early Edo period)

(1941 - present)

(1965 - present)

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